The Russell School

Welcome to Year 3 


Teacher: Mrs V Southworth

Teaching Assistants: Miss E Brown and Mrs F Emms

Music: Mrs C Deeley


  • Children to come in to school from 8.45am (wash hands and begin early work).

  • The school day begins at 8.55am.

  • Children will be dismissed at 3.15pm and 'handed over' from the playground.

  • Please ensure your child is wearing suitable waterproof outerwear.

  • Ensure your child has a water bottle and healthy snack as fruit is no longer provided in KS2.

  • PE lessons take place on Monday and Tuesday. Appropriate kit must be worn to school on PE days.

  • Library sessions will start in the next few weeks.

  • Home reading books are changed on Monday, so please return finished reading books and Reading Records on Monday. I would like your child to record 3 times a week in the Reading Record what they have read and how they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy the book. At weekends, I would like your child to read his or her own book from home or their school reader if not finished.

  • Outdoor learning takes part throughout the curriculum. If there is any reason for asking your child to dress appropriately for a planned session outside, you will be informed via ParentMail or Google Classroom.


  • Reading should be at least 15 minutes daily. (The reading record should be written in 3 times a week.)

  • Spellings will go home to learn on Wednesday.  Spelling Tests will be on Monday. (The words will be learnt over a 2-week cycle…list test week 1 and dictation week 2.)

  • Cracking Times Tables learning is a continuous process with tests on Friday.

  • A comprehension or appropriate task will be given weekly (Friday) to be returned the following Friday.

  • MyMaths will be set online weekly and must be completed in that week.

  • will be set most weeks and must be completed in that week.

Special Events and Celebrations

Sport events:   Through the year children will take part in various sporting events and you will be informed via ParentMail.

Trips:  We are going to The Chiltern Open Air Museum on Wednesday 29th September to learn about Stone Age and Iron Age living. A letter will go out via ParentMail (wc 6th September 2021).

 Curriculum Overview


Unit and Text

Punctuation and Grammar focus

Traditional Tale

Little Red Riding Hood


Verbs Descriptive setting

Direct speech/ dialogue

Inverted commas

Present perfect form of verbs

Paragraphs to group related material


How to Trap a Dragon

Time conjunctions


Time adverbials

Time conjunctions




Headings and sub-headings

Word families of common words

Using ‘a’ or ‘an’

Relative clause


How to use a dishwasher!


Causal conjunctions

Time conjunctions Present perfect form of verbs



Word families based on common words


  • We will be reading at school in guided reading groups and across the curriculum for all subjects.
  • Silent Reading takes place at different times in the school day, and each day there will be a session when the teacher will read to the children. (The BFG Autumn Term)
  • A class novel will be read with each child using their own copy of the novel.


We will be learning the Y3 / Y4 Statutory words starting from the beginning of the alphabet. There will be 3 more more words to learn each week. (Please find the list on the Class Three Power Point.)

This term we will focus on:

  • Suffixes from Year 2 (‘-s’, ‘-es’, ‘-er’, ‘-ed’, ‘-ing’)
  • From Year 2: Apostrophes for contractions
  • Teach prefix ‘dis-’
  • Rarer words with the /e?/ sound spelt ‘ei’ (vein), ‘eigh’ (eight), ‘aigh’ (straight) or ‘ey’ (they)
  • Homophones (brake/break, grate/great, eight/ate, weight/wait, son/sun)
  • Teach Prefixes ‘mis-’ and ‘re-’
  • Teach the /?/ sound spelt ‘y’
  • Strategies for learning words: words from statutory and personal spelling lists


  • Place Value and Regrouping  
  • Counting On and Back in Ones, Tens and Hundreds  
  • Estimation, Magnitude and Rounding  
  • Measures – Comparison, Estimation and Magnitude  
  • Mental Fluency – Addition  
  • Mental Fluency – Subtraction  
  • Fact Families and Applying the Inverse  
  • Written Addition  
  • Written Subtraction  
  • Problem Solving – Worded Problems  
  • Statistics – Interpreting Bar Charts and Tables  
  • Angles, Right Angles and Estimation  
  • Perpendicular and Parallel Lines, Vertical and Horizontal Lines  
  • 2-D Shape – Properties and Drawing  
  • Perimeter Including Problem Solving Using Written and Mental Methods  
  • Cracking Times Tables will be used to test Multiplication facts. 




  • Rocks, Soils and Fossils 
  • Animals including Humans (Food and our Bodies)


Being in My World 

Celebrating Difference

Outdoor Learning:

  •  Cave paintings 
  • Adventures in archaeology  
  • Weigh and tell  
  • Shadow shapes  
  • Go Discover


  • Stone Age
  • Compare and contrast the human and physical features of a region in North America with a region in the UK


  •  With Mrs Deeley ‘Earth’


  • Stone Age 
  • Focus: Drawing and Painting 
  • Christmas Stocking – Sewing 
  • Focus: Textiles - Analyse existing products 
  • Practise different stitches 
  • Design and make


  • Where is France? 
  • Greetings 
  • Numbers 1 – 10 
  • Colours


  • Stories of key religious leaders 
  • Christian and Muslim beliefs and practices 
  • Ways of describing God 
  • Christmas


  • Boot Camp…Being Healthy 
  • Multi Skills (Basketball)


  • Online safety 
  • Touch typing