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Year 3 Blog

 Year 3 Blog

Friday 11th September

Please complete the tasks from Oak Academy. (In the table below)

I hope you have a great weekend.

We haven't given out any homework yet, as we shall all be so doing next week!

See you soon.

Mrs Southworth

  English Maths Other Other
Tuesday 8th September To Investigate Suffixes


Deriving New Facts from number bonds.



What is a variable


Fitter Futures PE Session!

Wednesday 9th September

 To Explore Simple Sentences


Number names



Understanding Pulse and Rhythm


Fitter Futures

PE Session

Thursday 10th September


Lesson 1

To sequence and retell the opening.


Lesson 2 Geography

What is the Earth made of?


Lesson 3 Maths

Recognise the value of each digit in a 2 digit number.


Fitter Futures

1 PE lesson.

Friday 11th September


Lesson 1 English

To Develop a rich understanding of words to do with night time.


Lesson 2  Maths

To use comparative symbols to compare numbers.



Lesson 3 PSHE

Community Care



Lesson to be taken from Fitter Futures.

 As you know, to get to Oak Academy

Search Engine   >    Oak National Academy    >Pupils Lessons  > Schedule   > Year 3     >  Wc  7.9.2020  > Each day.

Maths/English/Foundation subject each day.

 Please try and do some exercise at home....Fitter Futures.


Little Red Riding Hood (From Monday)

Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood because she always wore a scarlet coat with a crimson hood.

Early one morning, her mother said, “Take this basket of food to your grandmother but whatever you do, don’t dilly dally on the way,” Into the basket she put- a slice of fruit cake, a juicy apple and a large, yellow cheese.

So, Little Red Riding Hood walked, and she walked, and she walked till she came to the middle of the forest. The forest was dark, and she could barely see where she was going. Tired from so much walking, Red Riding Hood rested under a huge tree. Whistling happily, along came the woodcutter.

“Where are you going?” he asked and Little Red Riding Hood explained.

Unfortunately, a grey wolf was hiding behind a tree and listening to everything that they were saying. Greedily, it licked its thin lips, pawed the ground and ran off to find Grandma’s cottage.

When Little Red Riding Hood reached Grandma’s cottage, she let herself in. Grandma was lying in bed, but she looked very strange.

“Oh Grandmama, what great big ears you’ve got,” said Little Red Riding Hood.

“All the better for hearing you with,” replied Grandmama.

“And what big eyes you’ve got.”

“All the better for seeing you with,” replied Grandmama, leaning forwards.

“And what big hands you’ve got.”

“All the better for hugging you with,” replied Grandmama, smacking her lips.

“And what big teeth you’ve got.”

“All the better for…eating you with!” shrieked the wolf triumphantly, leaping from the bed.

Little Red Riding Hood screamed as the wolf opened its huge jaws.

Luckily, at that moment, the woodcutter dashed into the cottage and killed the wolf with not one, not two, but three mighty blows from his axe! For he had seen the wolf following Little Red Riding Hood through the forest.


  • Maths

My Maths

Ordering numbers and Numbers and Place value

(You still have last week's maths to do too....if you can)


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