The Russell School

Strategic Development Plan

Our five-year Strategic Development Plan provides a clear sense of direction and purpose from 2021 to 2026 and the five key areas communicate our vision, aspirations, and priorities for the long-term future of the school.  Each of the areas are interdependent and together, create the benchmark for our strategic decisions. 

These strands also provide the framework for the school’s School Development Plan which is a shorter term, more detailed operational plan across a two year period.

This Strategic Plan takes the following into account:

  • Our Values
  • Annual self-evaluation processes
  • Pupil voice feedback
  • Annual consultation with all staff
  • Outcomes of the parental survey
  • Governor quality assurance systems
  • Hertfordshire Improvement Partner (HIP) reports


Although the plan is set for the next five years, it is a working document and will include new opportunities that arise within this timescale.

The strategic plan is complemented by the School Development Plan (SDP), which sets out in operational terms how the longer-term strategy of the school will be achieved.

Strategic Objectives: September 2021-2026

Priority 1

Leadership and Management

Leaders strive for ambitious development to ensure the best outcomes for all. 

Priority 2

Quality of Education

Children develop a love of learning and skills for life through an inspiring, diverse and personalised curriculum.

Priority 3

Behaviour, Attitudes and Personal Development

We nurture a strong sense of self-awareness to enable children to become confident, resilient and responsible citizens who embrace inclusion. 

Priority 4

People Development 

The school empowers its people to create the very best provision, underpinned by a strong sense of belonging, clear opportunities for growth and a commitment to wellbeing. 

Priority 5

Finance and Resources 

The school strives to make responsible, sustainable and efficient use of all available resources to give all children the very best educational outcomes for now and the future.