The Russell School

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 Parent information pack please click HERE.


Teacher: Mrs Wynne (M, T) and Mrs Conner (W, Th, F)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Henderson


  • PE lessons take place on Thursday and Fridays.
  • Reading books are changed when needed in class and quarantined.
  • Outdoor learning done in Science, RE, PSHE.


Most homework is set on Google classroom.

Monday - SPAG homework set online each week; children will bring home their times tables to practice for the test the following week.

Wednesday – My Maths set online each week; spellings given out for children to learn at home for a test the following week.

Topic homework set accordingly – Art, RE, Science, PSHE, Humanities. 

 Curriculum Overview 


This Autumn in Talk for Writing we will be writing a suspense story and a non-chronological report.  To help us with our writing we will be covering the various forms of figurative language as well as a grammar focus on relative clauses. 


In maths this autumn term we will cover: place value (including up to 3 decimal places), negative numbers, properties of numbers  - including factors, multiples and common factors, problem solving, formal written methods of multiplication/short division, fractions and some geometry.


In science we will be covering Earth and Space and Materials. There will a small project to be completed by the children. They are given 4 weeks to complete and then bring into school for a class presentation. 


In the autumn term we look at ‘Being Me in my World’ and how we take responsibilities for ourselves, make the right choices and understand what citizenship means. In the second half of the term we cover’ Celebrating Differences’ and develop a better understanding of cultural difference, accepting and celebrating differences and talking about how to deal with direct and indirect bullying. 

Outdoor Learning:

Team building, looking closely at the environment  - linking with Art/DT, Science and PE. 


Our Geography topic this term is Mountains, where we will be researching the question “Why are mountains so important?” We will be looking at different mountain ranges around the world, how they were created, how mountains affect our weather and water systems and why it is important to preserve our mountain environments.  We will also be investigating The Mystery of Irvine and Mallory.

In the second half of the term, we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks in our History topic.  We will learn about their way of life, their belief systems and philosophies and their government systems and we will discover how the Ancient Greeks are still influencing our everyday lives in the 21st Century. 


Year 5 have music lesson with Mrs Deeley for the first three half terms and then in the second half of the spring term they will begin Ukulele lessons with Mr Martin. 


Our first Art topic is Natural Forms.  Beginning with observational drawing, looking at exotic seed pods and objects found in the outdoor classroom, we will look at colour mixing inspired by Henri Rousseau, before designing and making a small sculpture from wire and tissue paper inspired by Yayoi Kusama. 

Our second Art topic is Greek vases, to link with our ‘History’ topic. Children will learn about the value of these historical artefacts and how they were made, before creating their own Greek pot.  They will also be making a 2D image of a Greek pot, using similar scratch methods to those the ancient Greeks used to decorate their vases. 


Our first topic this term is “Je Me Presente” (Talking About Myself) and our second is “En Famille” (With The Family). 


‘How do Rules for Living help us understand Other Faith’ and ‘How is LIGHT used as a symbol in religious celebrations’ are the two topics we cover during this autumn term. Delving and sharing personal experiences are encouraged and celebrated in this subject. 


We will be doing as much outdoor PE as possible and covering ‘Invading’ sports were we learn to use defence in game (all non-contact) and we will also be doing a ‘Boot Camp’ where the focus is on fitness and core strength. This will compliment out work on ‘Fitter Future’. 


ICT skills, research using Word, Powerpoint, understanding commands in computer programs – ‘Scratch. Working through the Purple Mash programme on coding. 

Trips and Special Events

  • Sport events – virtual Tag Rugby tournament first half term, done in school during PE lessons.
  • Visitors – virtual session with a Rabbi from Northwood Synagogue. Dates TBC.