The Russell School

      • Welcome to Reception        


        • Teacher: Mrs Bennell (Monday to Thursday), Miss Laxton (Friday)
        • Mrs Cooper: Teaching Assistant


        • PE lessons take place on Wednesdays.
        • Reading books: Sent home on Wednesdays and returned to school on Mondays (starting after half term).
        • ICT – This term the children will be exploring technological equipment in the setting.
        • Everyday opportunities for outdoor learning in EYFS but have a regular time to visit the Outdoor classroom on the school field.


        • Encourage your child to develop independence in self-care, dressing and practical organisational skills.
        • Play simple turn taking games.
        • Talk to them about healthy food choices and why they are important.
        • Count everything with your child, from ducks on the pond to stairs up to bed.
        • Play ‘spot the number’–focus on the numerals 0 to 9, and challenge your child to find them everywhere–on front doors, clocks, car registrations, birthday cards and more.
        • Involve your child in everyday activities such as shopping and cooking to help them understand mathematical concepts such as weight, capacity, sharing and measuring.
        • Complete ‘Maths Challenges’.
        • Share stories and books daily with your child. Talk to them about what they have heard, drawing attention to the pictures and print.
        • Visit the library to encourage and develop your child’s interest and excitement in books and stories.
        • Talk to them about the world around them and enjoy rhymes, poems and songs together.
        • Learn the letter names and sounds of letters using flashcards.
        • Hear your child read aloud on a regular basis.
        • Encourage your child to make their own decisions in practical situations.

        Curriculum Overview

        This term our overarching theme is ‘Where in the World’. In order to get to know the children and observe how they adapt to their new environment we will firstly focus on a more specific topic of ‘All about me’. During this topic the children will be given adult led opportunities to explore and discuss:

        • Family
        • Houses and Homes
        • Feelings
        • Senses
        • Being healthy
        • Helping others & people who help us

        We would like to thank you for supporting your children to create their wonderful ‘All About Me’ Posters and these will be our starting point; to encourage the children to share information about themselves, their interests and their families with the class.

        After half term we will move onto the topic of ‘Festivals & Celebrations’ where the children will have the opportunity to share their own experiences of birthdays, religious festivals and other family traditions. They will also learn about festivals and celebrations from different religions and groups in society. This topic will allow use to also explore different traditions, foods, clothing, languages and countries.


        Our main focus over the next few weeks will be getting to know your children and observing how they settle in and adapt to their new environment. This settling in process is really important, as the children have opportunities to engage in child initiated learning based on their own interests which informs our planning.  Time will be spent sharing school routines and getting to know new friends and teachers. We will be working collaboratively to compile our own set of class expectations and introducing the ‘Learning Ladder’. We will also be spending time exploring the areas of our learning environment and learning how to use equipment safely and effectively.

        Using the story of ‘The Colour Monster’ as a basis we will discuss how the colours used symbolise our feelings and emotions. The children will be encouraged to express their feelings and this will be incorporated into our classroom environment. We will share approaches that can help us feel better

        when we are upset or anxious and share with them who they can go to if they need help outside of our classroom in the wider school.


        During the term we will practise writing our names in different contexts thinking about the correct use of lower case and upper case letters. We will be encouraging children to ‘mark make’ during both child initiated and adult led sessions; writing labels on models,  messages in cards and beginning to identify and write initial sounds in words. We will be sharing books related to starting school, friendships and staying healthy. The children will also share stories that support their social and emotional development, such as sharing and taking turns and dealing with issues in an appropriate manner. The children will be creating story maps, retelling stories and joining in with songs and rhymes. In Phonics we will be continuing focusing on ‘Phase 1’ of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ framework alongside the introduction of ‘Phase 2’ where children will learn four sounds a week and begin linking sounds to letters, applying them orally when blending and segmenting.


        This term we will be working with numbers to 5. Children will spending time recognising numbers, relating numbers to quantities, recognising more and less and subitising. Children will be focusing on counting skills, ensuring one-one correspondence. The children will explore repeating patterns and begin to use positional language. They will identify and name 2D shapes and explore the vocabulary needed to describe the properties, sides, corners, pointy, curved round. The children will explore making comparisons between objects relating to size, length, weight and capacity in different contexts throughout the learning environment.

        Although we have outlined two topics for this term under our overarching theme of ‘Where in the World’ we will very much be led by the children’s needs and interests and therefore our planning may change as the term progresses.

         Trips and Special Events:

        • Rosh Hashanah
        • Harvest Festival
        • Bonfire Night
        • Diwali
        • Hanukkah
        • Christmas




  • Welcome to Reception Parent Meeting  /docs/Reception_Parent_meeting_2020.pptx
  • 8:45  Staff open the Early Years gate and children enter the setting

    8:55  Registration and ‘Busy Fingers’  

    9:20 - 9:25     Action time – Wake and Shake    

    9:25 - 10:05   Adult-led activity / small group time           

    10:05 - 11:20  Child Initiated Learning / snack time    

    11:20 - 11:50   Adult-led activity / small group time     

    11:50 - 12:00  Get ready for lunch / personal hygiene / story

    12:00 - 1:00   Lunch  

    1:00 - 1:05     Registration

    1:05 - 1:25     Reading activities  

    1:25 - 2:05     Adult-led activity / small group time  

    2:05 - 2:45    Child Initiated Learning

    2:45 - 3:05    Storytime

    3:05 - 3:10    Hometime / songs and rhymes  

    Long Term Plan 













    Belonging; birthdays; Harvest
    Celebrations: Diwali; Hanukah; bonfire night; Christmas; nativity Natural world; changes in seasons
    Easter/Lent; happy/sad tiems in lives; planting & growth - caring for living things Special places; people who help us in our lives