The Russell School

Eco Squad

Mrs Warminger leads the Eco Squad and each year,  two Eco Squad Representatives from each class work together to make the school as eco friendly and sustainable as it can be.  We are proud of the improvements we have made together and have achieved the 'Eco Schools Silver Award'.


Our Eco Squad representatives

Year 1: Alexander and Ariana

Year 2:  Silver, Joel, Aila and Theo

Year 3:  Shaima, James, Ollie and Lara

Year 4:  Kian, Imogen, Benji and Ellen 

Year 6: Henry, Polly, Anjali and Arthur

Recent Initiatives

Eco Squad organised a successful disco that raised an impressive £618.62 to buy the new brightly coloured 'pencil' bins for the school playground. A big thank you to the children that attended and to Mrs Warminger who made this possible.  A special thank you to Ms Hilpern who kindly donated a huge number of raffle prizes.

Eco Squad led a whole school fundraising event to purchase recycling bins for every room in the school.  Children came to school dressed in green to represent the eco squad's focus on sustainability.