The Russell School

'Friends of Russell School' - 'FoRS'

Members of 'FoRS' work incredibly hard to raise funds to provide a wide range of resources for our pupils.  They also create opportunities for parents, children and teachers to socialise and have fun.  During the last year, our 'FoRS' have organised events such as:

  • Summer and Christmas Fairs
  • Christmas Discos for parents and children
  • Summer Ball for parents
  • Fashion Shows
  • Pottery making events
  • Personalised Christmas cards
  • Cake sales
  • The School Newspaper
  • Refreshments for Sports Day and other events

The money raised from these events has been put to fantastic use to fund initiatives such as:

  • A new Smart TV for every classroom
  • Stage blocks 
  • Subscriptions for My Maths and Mathletics
  • Guided Reading books for the whole school
  • Theatre production visits
  • Playground equipment

How you can get involved

Getting involved in 'FoRS' is a great way to contribute to the school and a brilliant way of getting to know other parents and making friends.  We meet once every half term and are always grateful of any/all help – whether that is through becoming a regular helper or member of the committee, baking us a cake or helping for an hour at an event. Please contact the school office if you are interested in our next event or joining 'FoRS'. If you would like to come along to our committee meetings then please contact Mrs Noonan or Mrs Oza on or visit us on Facebook at