The Russell School

Class Representatives 

Each year Friends of Russell School (FoRS) ask for a representative from each class to support FoRS by circulating emails about forthcoming events and fundraising ideas. This helps to foster positive communication within the school, and assist with the development of the school community. This is a constructive means of uniting the school community and enhancing the quality of relationships within the school between teachers, parents/carers and the children. Your involvement is instrumental.

Protocols of the Class Representative

Paramount to the role of Class Rep is the understanding of confidentiality between parents and/or carers, the children and the teachers. This role requires mutual trust, communication and a willingness to promote a harmonious environment for all.

The class teacher is responsible for the children in his/her care. The Class Rep should direct all inquiries/complaints from parents to the class teacher or school office as it relates to the school.


The Class Rep is also expected to encourage other parents to engage in the school community and where possible contribute. The Class Rep needs to be respectful of the privacy of others. The Russell School recognises and respects individual’s privacy and is committed to protecting the privacy of all families. No family information should be distributed unless permission is given by the family. All families must be given the opportunity to join the class group and provide their personal information.

Role of the Class Rep

The role of the Class Rep can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • To welcome new parents and assisting them in getting to know each other.
  • To organise a class contact list for families who would like to share their contact details.
  • With permission, distribute contact information to all families on the contact list.
  • Parents of Reception children are invited to give their details to be included on a class contact list. The Class Rep should compile this list (or keep it updated if passed from a previous Class Rep) and circulate to the class.
  • If new children join a class, the Class Rep should contact parents to ask if they would like to be included on the list. The school office can assist with this.
  • To help parents feel part of the school community.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to feel that they are valued members of the community and welcome to be involved in any way they are able e.g. informal social gatherings such as a coffee morning at a local coffee shop or a weekend play date in a local park – not encouraged due to the current situation.
  • Encourage parents to be involved in school life.
  • Reps will be asked to forward emails on behalf of FoRS. As all people on the class list have voluntarily given their email addresses for distribution to the class, it is not necessary for the addressees to be blind copied.
  • At the Christmas Fair & Summer Fun Day each class runs a stall. The Class Rep should ask parents to help on the stall and compile a rota of helpers – to be confirmed for this academic year.
  • In recent years parents from Year 6 have chosen to create a Yearbook and hold an end of year event. The Class Rep may choose to organise this or ask for help from other parents. These activities are however optional and are dependent on having willing volunteers to organise them.
  • Reps may also choose to send their own emails to the class to muster up support for FoRS or school events, in terms of: Encouraging attendance at events and support for donations and mufti days as well as reminding parents of deadlines for ticket requests and forthcoming school events e.g. assemblies/concerts – all subject to current guidance.
  • Organise a family activity for the class outside of school hours so that all families can meet at an informal social time. – not encouraged due to the current situation.

Class Collections for Gifts

Typically, Class Reps have coordinated a collection for the class teacher and teaching assistant at the end of the school year. The following wording should form the basis of the e-mail class reps should send to initiate this collection: “I am arranging an OPTIONAL class collection for Mr X and Mrs X. You may choose to donate an amount of your choice, which will be gratefully received. No amount is being proposed. You may donate by placing money in an envelope and passing it to me. You may however choose to make your own arrangements and not be involved in this collection.”

Some Class Reps may choose to do a collection at Christmas as well. However, neither are mandatory requirements of the role.


It is not the role of the class rep to organise collections for children’s birthdays.

Areas which are not within the remit of the Class Rep

School Questions/Complaints - Class Reps should advise parents/carers to contact the school office.

FoRS Questions/Complaints - Class Reps should advise parents/carers with any comments, feedback or complaints about FoRS business to contact the Chair via the email address or via the postbox by the school office entrance.

Lost Property

The class rep should advise parents to send their own email to the class if they wish to do so in order to check for lost property.


It is important for the Class Rep to keep communication by e-mail only with parents to a sensible level, in order that people do not feel bombarded and keep motivated to be involved. It should always be positive and encouraging and limited to FoRS business, whole class social events and appropriate school information (as given above). 

We do not endorse or promote the use of apps such as Whats’App to communicate any information related to school.

Whole class emails, social media and messages should not be used by the Class Rep, or other parents, to promote business or personal views.

Class Reps are appreciated, and respected members of The Russell School and we value your commitment to our school community. Please feel free to get in touch via the school admin email address or call the school office.