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Welcome to the Nursery Blog. Here you  will find daily activities to complete with your child throughout the day. As you may know, our morning in Nursery consists of mainly independent learning time in which the children access activities throughout the course of the morning, with guidance from their teachers. Please do not feel all activities must be completed in one go. They can be completed throughout the day when it best suits you and your child. It can be very difficult for little ones to concentrate on a task for more than 5-10 minutes! Take regular breaks for snacks, exercise and fresh air where possible to keep your children motivated. Many of the activities I set will be practical as this is how young children learn best and others will involve games on the computer. 


When completing a writing activity, allow your child to be as independent as possible. They have not yet learnt formal letter formation and are currently at an emergent writing stage. What may look like "scribble" to you may hold meaning to your child. This stage is very important and allows your child to become confident with their writing skills and  develop a love and enjoyment for writing. Talk to your child about the marks they have made and ask them to tell you what they have written. Mark making doesn't have to be pen on paper either! Nursery love drawing and writing in sand, flour, shaving foam or paint!


Your children are currently working in phase 1 and 2 phonics. This involves lots of listening, rhyming and alliteration activities as well as starting to learn to recognise, say and write some sounds. I have added a video to support you with the correct pronunciation of each sound for work based around the initial sound in words. 

If your child has done something they are particularly proud of or excited about, please feel free to take a picture and send it through to me. I would love to see what they have been getting up to!

Any questions about the work set please email

Thank you,

Mrs Davis

Monday 6th July

Hello Nursery,

 We are very much looking forward to you joining us in Reception after the summer holidays. 

In order for us to get to know you, we would like you to get creative and make an ‘All About Me’ Poster. Tell us about yourself; you could write your name and how old you are? Tell us about what you like / dislike. Tell us about your family - Have you got any sisters or brothers? Have you got any pets? What do you like doing? Add photographs and drawings if you would like to. Send your posters to

We would also like you to complete the 'Pupil Profile' with your grown ups. This way we can know a little bit more about you before you start and may be able to bring some of these things into your learning and new classroom. We would like to put your posters up in the classroom when you start school in September.

We hope you have a lovely summer and look forward to meeting you all soon.

Take care

Mrs Bennell and Mrs Cooper


Week beginning 13.07.20

Hello Nursery,

As most of you will be in Nursery this week there will be no daily work set however, if you are not in and want to keep yourself busy you can still visit these sites!

Purple Mash


Have a wonderful Summer! We are very proud of all of you, you have all worked so hard in such strange times! 

Thank you to the brilliant Nursery parents for being so supportive and understanding. You have all done a fantastic job!

Mrs Davis and Miss Roumier