The Russell School

The Russell School Launches New School Song

We are excited to introduce our new school song.  We have been busy collating ideas for a new song over lock down and are really excited with the outcome.

The Song has been composed and produced by ex-Russell Student Phil Deeley, who is now at St Clement Danes School.  Alongside Phil, members of our Year 6 class have skilfully written the words to the song based on our school motto, Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind - words which we think about every day at school. 

The progressive house style song will be suitable for dancing, gymnastics, exercising and contains sections for the children to play their own instruments too.  Then a moment of calm as the singing begins reminding us of the important values that we all share here at The Russell School.

We are learning the song at school, but if you would like to hear it and sing along at home then please click on the link here and the lyrics are below.


Verse 1

We always aim high,

And reach for the sky,

Persevere for success,

Yes! We can be the best.


Verse 2

Have Courage, we must,

With friends that we trust,

Overcoming our fears,

And learning from our peers.


We will be kind every single day,

We always have something nice to say.


Making friendships to last a lifetime,

Russell School is our place to shine,

This school is in our hearts.

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