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The Russell School Lock Down Video

featuring YOU - our amazing E Band and Artists

Before the Easter holidays we started with 3 players and recorded the 3 children remotely, put the recordings together using computer software and we got this.


We can now present the final video.  The band in the video has 64 Russell children playing including brass, strings, woodwind, percussion, singing and recording the sounds of Chorleywood.  Not only did the children perform a whole piece of music but they created a beautiful soundscape played at both the start and end of the video. We have captured some beautiful memories of lockdown with some key worker rainbows  - our recognition and thanks to the amazing keyworkers through the pandemic, some stunning art work made by children of key workers who went to school through out the lockdown period when everyone else was at home.  For the majority of children who were home schooled in the period we have art work produced from home and reflective thoughts of school.  Well done and thank you to everyone involved.


Thank you Key Workers

 Every Thursday, we all get the opportunity to clap outside our houses to say thank you to the key workers.  Some of our children have learnt to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow as an extra special way of thanking the key workers and a tribute to the hard work of the NHS.  Please send in your videos/photos to  There is even a video of Mrs Deeley and her family!

Enjoy these amazing videos:




and a lovely recording from one of our year one children


 Concerts at Home

Many students are finding the opportunity to perform to their families during shutdown including on line performances to their grand parents and other family members.  Please send in your videos/photos to





Music Quiz

 Can you name the well known children's TV programme that the music from the video below is from?

What instruments are we playing on this video?

2 of the instruments sound slightly different from usual, do you know why?

Answers to:

Music Challenge

This is a great time to get really really good at your instrument.  Playing an instrument is also a really great way to keep morale boosted in the house hold during shut down.  But we all need a challenge to keep us motivated and there are no music exams to work for at the moment, no band rehearsals to turn up to so why not create an amazing home concert.  Your relatives can join in remotely too.  Someone in the family can make cake or other treat - which is an essential part of a good concert, you could even dress up in smart clothes to look really good.

If you can get a piece of music sounding really good then that is all you need for a good concert.  Perhaps you have a sibling who could do the same.  You could sing a song as well.  Maybe you could even play/sing something with another member of your family.  If you have younger siblings they can join in too with some rhythm either by clapping or hitting a pot etc etc. You could sing a nursery rhyme for them to join in with.

Many of you are having remote music lessons during this period so why don't you ask your music teacher to help you prepare something to create the best concert in your house.

 We would love a video or photo of the concert to share with everyone here.

Commemoration of Victory In Europe Day

On Friday 8th May, we marked the 75th Anniversary of the end of the 2nd World War in Europe. Brass players around the country were asked by The Royal British Legion to play The Last Post from their homes at 2.55pm.  Some of our trumpet players from school have shared this moment with us and Mrs Deeley had a go too!



All About my musical instrument

One of our Year 3 children has been working really hard at finding out more about the instrument that he plays and has shared it with us:

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