The Russell School


Keeping In Touch During Lockdowns

Whilst school is closed, we can keep in touch with each other by sharing photos of families completing daily activities.  If you would like to have your photos included, please email them to

Jaeden in Year 4 has discovered a love for creative writing during lockdown and has created his own blog.  Here is a poem he wrote about racism.

Dinosaurs made by Scarlett

A dinosaur by Tabitha

Jem's wormery

Jem's snail

Witch writing!

Barney's bug house

Sweet designs!

Ariana's Very Hungry Caterpillar

Bugs made by Reece

Snake length comparing and ordering.

Scarlett's Very Hungry Caterpillar costume!

Taylor's Amazing VE Day Leaflet

Leo's Rap


Annabelle's Rap 

Jem's caterpillar counting!

Ralph's Amazing Graffiti Presentation

Scarlett's Bad Tempered Ladybird

Sophia's Bad Tempered Ladybirds