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Music Enrichment

Please also visit the Music website page for information about the music curriculum.

Music is a recognised strength of the school and we enhance our music curriculum with a wide range of extra curricular musical opportunities. We have a strong musical tradition and a high percentage of our children regularly play instruments in bands and orchestras. 

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Children have the opportunity to perform in 2 choirs, orchestra, brass band and pop band.  Private instrumental music lessons are available for many instruments including piano, guitar, trumpet, trombone, french horn, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone and the drums.Musical Instrument Tuition (Music menu tab).  Lessons are designed to be practical, inspirational, lively and fun.  

Classroom Music Teaching including Key Stage One and Two Curriculum

 Opportunities to Perform

Music Try Out Day

Christmas Tree and Remembrance Assemblies

Extra Curricular Musical Opportunities


We regularly try to organise opportunties for groups of children to try musical instruments and in 2019 we organised for over 200 children from the school to have the opportunity to try out 15 different musical instruments.

Photo Above: Year 5 and 6 listening to The Planets by Holst, drawing what they were hearing.

Photo Above: Whole School Try Out a Musical Instrument Event.

Photos Below: Year 5 Creating Their own class band



Opportunities To Perform

All children perform annually in the whole school Christmas concert and our musicians perform at the Easter Concert and Summer Concert in addition, as well as Year 6 children performing an end of year production.

As well as our main school concerts, our many ensembles and groups play in different events each year. 

Outside of school we take part in the Three Rivers Schools Music Festival, Young Voices at the O2, Herts Schools Gala at The Royal Albert Hall, Chorleywood Village Night, Local Care Homes and charity fundraising opportunities.

Musicians form an integral part of our special assemblies each year for Harvest, Decorate The Christmas Tree, Remembrance and each class hold their own assembly.  

Outside we provide a full music schedule at both our school fairs and have performed outdoor concerts in both the quad and outdoor theatre.

Performing at the O2:


Performing at The Royal Albert Hall: 




Carol Singing in ASDA 


Christmas Tree and Remembrance Assembly


Music Try Out Day 

Extra-Curricular Musical Opportunities

If you would like to get involved with music at the Russell School we would love to hear from you either as a musical parent to get involved or a child to join our groups.  Listed below are our current clubs. For any questions please contact  Each club below has a form to fill in if you would like to join, just click on the link.

Brass Band; Tuesdays 8.20pm. Our band has performed at Chorleywood Village Night, Remembrance Day Parade, School Fairs and various concerts.  All brass instrumentalists are welcome preferably once you can play an octave.  Just fill in this form to join Brass Band Form or access it through the QR code.

Drum Club Monday lunchtimes – Alex Morse professional kit drummer is running a club for children to play together on the drums with backing tracks. Contact

 Junior Vocals: Thursdays 8.10am– our KS2 choir have performed at the O2 and Wembley, Chorleywood Village night, local Chorleywood Care homes and many school concerts. Just fill in this form to join Junior Vocals Form or access it through the QR code.


Mini Vocals; Fridays 8.30am – our KS1 choir, who meet weekly on Friday mornings at 8.30am.  They perform in our school concerts, singing fun songs that are appropriate for their age. Just fill in this form to join Mini Vocals Form or access it through the QR code.

Some of our Mini vocals performing a song about sunglasses in July 2018.

Orchestra; Wednesdays 8.15am: KS2 children who have been playing for more than one year can come along.  All orchestral instruments, recorders, guitars and a couple of keyboard players are welcome. We start with some musical games, do some improvisation and then master some music.  Orchestra is paid for by the Forward Fund and any musical parents are welcome to come along and join in too!  Just fill in this form to join Orchestra Form or access it via the QR code.

Pop Band; Fridays 8.00am: Year 5 and 6 children who play keyboard, kit, guitar or sing might like to consider this group.  In addition to performing live at school concerts and fairs they also have recorder CDs in a professional studio. Places are limited please contact


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