The Russell School

Christmas Concert 2020

Although we are unable to perform our Christmas Concert in person to you this year, we hope you enjoy our virtual arrangement just as much as if you were in school.  The children have written to local care home residents at Sunrise and Beaumont to share our virtual concert with them as we have not been able to visit and sing to them this year. 


The Nursery picked a well known song and decided to add some Christmas sparkle to it as they sang so beautifully around the Christmas Tree.



Reception have learned to use sign language to accompany their performance of 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'. 


Year 1

Our Year 1 class take us on a journey singing 'Little Donkey' with actions to help us understand the story unfold.  To set the scene, they are wearing donkey ears which they made themselves and look fantastic. 

Year 2 

In Year 2, we have chosen 2 songs to perform.

Our first song 'Oh We Have to Go' is really exciting and upbeat.  It has sign language to emphasise some of the words, and a small group of Tambourine players adding to the excitement as we go faster and faster.

To calm the mood, 'Follow That Star' with it's stunning small group solos and 2 part singing provides a great contrast.  Year 2 made their own beautiful stars to wear to decorate the set.  


Year 3

Following a poem to set the scene, the Year 3 children have created a night sound scape (a picture made by sounds) formed using their own voices and classroom instruments.  Listen out for the owls, cats, howling, horses, rustling, rain, sparkling stars and the clock striking.  The night scene is set and we hear a small group of singers drift into Silent Night to be joined by the rest of the class for a beautiful rendition of the well known carol.

Year 4 

Year 4 have worked hard to record 2 songs. The first. 'The Holly and the Ivy' contains a sandwich of singing with the Year 4 instrumentalists playing French Horn, Clarinet, Violin, Flute, Trumpet, Guitar, Glockenspiels, Xylophones and classroom percussion both at the beginning and the end.  Listen out for the chorus each time where some of our instrumentalists accompany the singers.

Then, they couldn't resist the opportunity to sing one of their favourite songs 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' where the singers split into 2 groups to add to the excitement. 


Year 5

Year 5 have continued to learn the Ukulele as a whole class this term and have applied their skills to accompany their performance of 'Merry Christmas Everyone'.


Year 6

 'O Holy Night' has been voted as one of the most beautiful carols of all time.  Year 6 took on the challenge to sing this compound time carol in six eight time.  Our opening band, consisting of Trombone, Trumpets, Flutes, Dood, Clarinet, Saxophone and Glockenspiels creates an atmospheric opening.  The singers are accompanied by Trombone and Trumpet throughout and we end with a small group of singers to finish this well loved carol.

On behalf of all of the children and staff at The Russell School, we wish you a lovely Christmas and a peaceful and happy holiday! Please stay safe.